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20 responses to “Blessings”

  1. Noopur-Tarun Avatar

    Heartly Congratulations to both of you from me and tarun 🙂

    1. akanksha-shishir Avatar

      thanks Noopur 🙂

  2. Kartik Sharma Avatar
    Kartik Sharma

    May the roads rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back.
    May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home,
    and may the hand of a friend always be near – just like mine 😉

    Wish you both loads of happiness and a bit of strength to walk through the perils of marriage. 😀

    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks Kakes 🙂

  3. Harsh & Dharna Chawla Avatar
    Harsh & Dharna Chawla

    Wish you both a happy married life…Best of luck…

  4. Medini & Navdeep Avatar
    Medini & Navdeep

    Heartiest congratulations ! Wishing you guys tonnes of happiness, joy and all the best things in life. God bless.lots of love.

  5. Vaneesh Avatar

    Hey Akki and Shishir,…God bless both of you and goodluck or your new journey..:)

  6. Rishi Singhal Avatar
    Rishi Singhal

    Lots of congratulation to both of you…..

  7. Amit Jain Avatar
    Amit Jain

    Wishing you both a successful and joyful journey together!

  8. akanksha-shishir Avatar

    @all : Thanks u guys for your warm wishes 🙂

  9. Manasee Avatar

    Congrats !!!!!! Finally this day is approaching.. we all had been waiting for this moment for a long time!!!!!
    Ab nachenge tum logo ki shaadi mein!!!!

    1. akanksha-shishir Avatar

      aaja ter nachne ke liye stage bhi banvaya hai 🙂

  10. Nagappan Avatar

    There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company
    than a good marriage.
    ~ Martin Luther ~

    We wish you guys to have a wonderful life ahead.

    Nagappan & Renuka

    1. akanksha-shishir Avatar

      Thanks Nagappan 🙂

  11. Andrea Schwabe Avatar
    Andrea Schwabe


    I’m very happy to hear about your marriage and I wish you a never-ending story of happiness and love.

    Greatings from Munich… at minus 14 degrees Celsius, a temperature where love becomes even more important. 😛

    1. akanksha-shishir Avatar

      Thanks Andrea 🙂 for your warm wishes even at minus 14 degree celcius 😉

  12. Ashutosh Verma Avatar
    Ashutosh Verma

    Heartily congratulations to both of you !!
    Wish you both all the very best for the journey you have decided to walk together.


  13. Harsh Avatar

    Many many confratulations…… May God shower all his grace on both of you…..:)

  14. Birgit Avatar

    Hello Akanksha,

    i wish you all the best for your marriage.

    Lovely greetings from Germany.

    1. akanksha-shishir Avatar

      Thanks Birgit 🙂

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